Modular In-Vehicle Systems

Robust, scalable, high-performance real-time systems for in-vehicle rapid control prototyping, function validation, and data acquisition. dSPACE’s modular in-vehicle systems provide a wide range of I/O functionality and bus interfaces for automotive applications.

Application Areas

dSPACE’s modular in-vehicle systems are perfect for developing and testing control algorithms and performing data acquisition in the vehicle or in the field. They can be used for control prototyping and testing tasks in numerous areas, such as:

  • Automotives (e.g., e-mobility, vehicle-in-the-loop, chassis control, body control, etc.)
  • Bypassing to extend existing ECUs with new functionalities
  • Electric drives
  • Railway industry
  • Off-highway vehicles
  • and many more

Key Benefits

With dSPACE’s modular laboratory systems, you benefit from optimum scalability, flexibility, and processing power (also multi-processor systems), and a wide range of I/O boards and processor boards. Simply put together exactly the hardware you need for your project!

  • SCALEXIO AutoBox – Modular real-time system for in-vehicle use
  • Data logging and prototyping with extensive, hot-swappable storage
  • Numerous I/O boards available (e.g., A/D, D/A, digital I/O, sensor/actuator interfaces, bus interfaces, programmable FPGA, and many more)

dSPACE hardware seamlessly integrates with dSPACE software and with MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® from MathWorks to form a highly efficient tool chain. 

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