Power HIL Testing for Onboard Charger


Flexible development and testing of onboard chargers for electric vehicles and electric vehicle supply equipment for worldwide use are crucial for further spread of electromobility. Different types of grids and battery configurations have to be emulated at full power to make sure that they comply with local grid requirements. Failsafe operation has to be validated for all conceivable grid and battery conditions.


The number of manufacturers producing electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations is high. Consequently, the charging infrastructures differ significantly between manufacturers and between regions. To manage this diversity, communication between the EV and the charging station is specified in several standards, such as CHAdeMO, ISO 15118, and GB/T, all of which must be considered when testing onboard chargers for electric vehicles worldwide. In addition, the connected power grids also differ significantly from region to region in terms of network configuration and impedance, rms value, and frequency.  


  • To achieve flexible grid simulation, you can use the dSPACE Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package. It provides the environment for topology-based grid models.
  • Thanks to their low-latency interfaces, DS5386 High-Voltage Electronic Load Modules behave as flexibly controlled voltage sources. The modular system design lets you conveniently test different network configurations, from small onboard chargers to high-power DC chargers. The high-voltage electronic loads help you test power electronics devices in a virtual environment at full power.
  • Since our hardware-in-the-loop systems are 100% dSPACE technology, you can easily integrate further components, like our Smart Charging Solution, which handles the charging communication.
  • dSPACE emulation systems combine grid and battery emulation in one system, which optimizes energy consumption – you only have to provide power losses.

Conformance Test

To ensure interoperability between electric vehicles and charging stations, a considerable number of charging-standard-specific tests has to be implemented and executed. The Smart Charging ISO 15118-4 Conformance Test Suite provides standardized conformance tests for this purpose. Learn how to carry out these tests with our dSPACE solutions.

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