Additional I/O Solutions

I/O to your specifications

  • Solutions for I/O and buses not covered by our standard boards
  • Development of customer-specific I/O boards for nonstandard I/O
  • Programming of advanced I/O functions and Simulink® S-functions

Key Benefits
The list of I/O solutions which dSPACE has developed in response to customer requirements is extensive. The need for such solutions arises when situations cannot be covered by our off-the-shelf boards. Some I/O solutions establish connections to field bus-based systems, and industrial or aerospace buses. In general, I/O solutions typically consist of integrated hardware and software.

I/O Solutions
The following pages give just a few examples of dSPACE’s additional I/O solutions:

  • 10 Mbit/s Ethernet Interface (UDP/IP) 
  • VME Interface 
  • Resolver Interface 

You can also create your own solution based on the DS4201 Prototyping Board, or dSPACE can provide a solution for you.

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