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Software Support

High Flexibility, Comprehensive Functionalities

ConfigurationDesk: Configuration and implementation software for dSPACE real-time hardware (MicroAutoBox III, SCALEXIO).

In the same way as for SCALEXIO, established implementation software for the MicroAutoBox III is available in the form of ConfigurationDesk and the Bus Manager. This makes it easy to transfer Simulink® models between MicroAutoBox III and SCALEXIO hardware, and you can use existing I/O configurations in ConfigurationDesk and the Bus Manager for different Simulink® models. In addition, ConfigurationDesk supports many different development tools through the FMU/FMI standard, allowing for the flexible implementation of different models. To close the gap between rapid control prototyping and series production, it will also be possible to run AUTOSAR software components represented by virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) or FMUs directly on the MicroAutoBox III.

To make switching from MicroAutoBox II to the new system as easy and convenient as possible, you can reuse existing cable harnesses and use a script that converts RTI-based models to ConfigurationDesk-based models. 

Several additional software tools, such as the experiment software ControlDesk and the ECU Interface Manager, can be used with the MicroAutoBox III to form a powerful tool chain. ControlDesk is a software tool for conducting experiments with dSPACE real-time hardware. The software can be used to download the real-time application, calibrate parameters, and measure signals at runtime of the real-time application. The ECU Interface Manager, which is part of the ECU Interface Base Package, lets you prepare and configure ECU applications for ECU interfacing. As a result, a MicroAutoBox III can be used in a bypass scenario with a readily available series production ECU. 

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