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UVic Sweeps First Place Honors at 2016 Formula Hybrid

Published: October 04, 2016

The University of Victoria Formula Hybrid Team took home multiple honors at the 2016 Formula Hybrid Competition, including first place in the Hybrid Drive category.

The University of Victoria Formula Hybrid Team has a lot to be proud of. This exceptional team not only won first-place honors at the 2016 Formula Hybrid Competition, but they were very close to receiving a perfect score (980.31 out of 1000 possible earned points).

The UVic team competed against 22 other universities at this year’s competition, held May 2-5 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, taking home multiple awards:

  • 1st Place Hybrid Drive Category
  • 1st place (tied with Binghamton University) – Acceleration event
  • 1st place – Endurance event
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Industrial Design Award
  • GM Best Engineered Propulsion System Award
  • Doug Gore Memorial Chassis Design Award

The UVic’s hybrid vehicle featured a dSPACE MicroAutoBox, used as the vehicle’s supervisory controller. The team used ControlDesk and MicroAutoBox to implement the controls firmware developed in Simulink and other MATLAB packages.

“We hope to continue to use dSPACE hardware and software solutions to allow engineering students to gain experience in industry standard controls solutions through their involvement with the UVic Hybrid Team,” said Oliver Blow, Powertrain and Fabrication Lead for the UVic Hybrid Team.

UVic was the first team to pass both the electrical and mechanical technical inspections in the competition. The team obtained nearly perfect scores in all of the dynamic and static events, and their vehicle progressed around the speedway further than any other vehicles during the Hybrid Drive Endurance Event.

Next year, the team will face a significant challenge by adapting its vehicle to a lithium ion-based battery accumulator for greater energy density for the electrical drivetrain.  The new system will utilize a custom management system, which will measure voltages and temperatures, while actively balancing the battery pack.  Additionally, the team plans to implement an active anti-roll system using solenoid valves to control air flow to the cylinders, and will develop a gear position sensor for faster shift times and smoother power delivery, among other improvements.

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