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SystemDesk 4.5

Automatic V-ECU Generation

December 10, 2015: The new SystemDesk version 4.5 offers comprehensive support for the generation of virtual ECUs (V-ECUs). These V-ECUs are used for virtual validation and simulation when the real hardware ECUs are not available yet.

For the generation of V-ECUs, SystemDesk 4.5 provides:

  • Easier configuration of NVRAM and generation of V-ECUs, including NVRAM for simulation. This enables you to test the interfaces between the application software and the NVRAM, resulting in a more realistic ECU behavior and increased test quality and reliability.
  • Import and export the RTE configuration for exchange with BSW configuration tools. If some aspects of the RTE configuration, such as runnable-to-task mapping, have been defined in SystemDesk, they can be exported and can be reused with third-party configuration tools.
  • A V-ECU wizard for automatically generating a V-ECU on the basis of the existing software architecture. No special knowledge regarding V-ECU generation is required.

The new version also supports:

  • AUTOSAR R4.2.2, R4.2.1, R4.1.x, and R4.0.3
  • Binding variants for importing AUTOSAR models with different variants. For each project you can choose which variant to work with further. 

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