A New Level of Immersion

Comprehensive Scenario and Sensor Simulation for the Validation of Functions for Autonomous Driving

The dSPACE simulation solution allows for easily defining complex, realistic traffic scenarios on real HD maps and accurate, in-depth sensor emulation based on physical phenomena and properties.

Find out more about the updates added with the latest dSPACE Release:

Scenario Preview

Validate a road network and scenario definition in only a few easy steps at an early stage of the development without blocking the simulation platform.

Download and try it out, if you have a valid dSPACE Release installed.

Vehicle Configurator

Quickly parameterize an ego vehicle by choosing from predefined vehicle categories that are based on simple standard data sheets.

Download and try it out, if you have a valid dSPACE Release installed.

OSI 3.1 Interface

Connecting your sensor model through the standardized Open Simulation Interface (OSI) for ground-truth (GT)-based data to the simulation environment.

Ultrasonic Sensor Model

Generating realistic echo lists for testing a self-parking algorithm, including cross-echo effects, measurement noise, and ray-castings in 3-D. The model is available on demand.

Material Property Editor

Define your own material properties for 3-D objects to be detected by the physical-based sensor models.

Visualizing Routes and Markers

More visual options for online validation of configured scenarios including defined routes of road users and markers for scenario events.

Importing HD Maps

Additional import functionality for HD maps, such as TomTom, to automatically generate road networks for advanced scenario simulation. The import is available on demand.

Sensor Interfaces for 4k Cameras

Simulate the latest 4k/8MP cameras with the Maxim GMSL2 interface with up to 6 Gbit/s including highly accurate camera sensor models.

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