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Try it now: Early Access to Future dSPACE Solution for Sensorrealistic Simulation

High-resolution visualization with the future dSPACE solution for sensorrealistic simulation.

As part of the Early Access program, you can now register to test a first, free evaluation version of the future dSPACE solution for sensorrealistic simulation, which will be officially released in 2021. The new solution, set to be more than a replacement of the current software products MotionDesk and Sensor Simulation, enables highly accurate environment sensor simulation, including high-end visualization, for testing and validation in real time – or even faster. 

The powerful solution combines numerous functionalities in a single software product. The full version will include the following components:

  • High-resolution visualization based on a commercial 3-D rendering engine, including realistic lighting and weather effects
  • High-quality 3-D assets developed by dSPACE, e.g., vehicles, e-scooters, and pedestrians
  • Camera sensor models with realistic lens profiles, image modification options, and configurable Bayer patterns
  • Lidar models with an enhanced point cloud, support of scanning- and flash-based sensors, including rolling shutter effect
  • Radar models with polarimetric calculation of the radar channel, multipath propagation, and adaptive ray launching that interacts with each captured object
  • Linux support for dSPACE simulation models
  • Docker support for large-scale parallelization in the cloud
  • Interfaces for integrating third-party models

In combination with other dSPACE tools, such as the ASM simulation models, the VEOS simulation platform, and ModelDesk for parameterization, this new solution delivers a customer-oriented, state-of-the-art, and seamless sensorrealistic simulation.

dSPACE will continuously advance the new solution and provide updates several times a year.

Be one of the first to experience the outstanding, realistic new power in visualization and simulation after downloading a free evaluation version (reduced functionality) and use this opportunity to give dSPACE immediate feedback and talk to dSPACE experts about your requirements.

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If you are interested in downloading the free evaluation version of the future dSPACE solution for sensorrealistic simulation, please contact your dSPACE representative. We are looking forward to giving you a sneak peek at sensorrealistic simulation of the future!

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