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Can you imagine your life without challenges?

April 30, 2013: Kevin Kott, President, dSPACE Inc., wrote this article for SAE Off-Highway Engineering

"On occasion, many of us become overloaded and wish for fewer challenges—especially the ones that are thrust upon us. We like the ones that we seek out for personal fulfillment—like bowling that 300 game, or golfing sub-par, or achieving a personal best time in a 5k or 10k race, or achieving a target fundraising level for a worthwhile charity. But the reality is that challenges, whether chosen or imposed, are life’s way of sharpening our skill sets. As we struggle, improvise, and eventually meet challenges, we become better prepared for the inevitable next challenge. It’s the law of evolution.

In the engineering community we love challenges. Challenge is our middle name. Not only do we become smarter and more proficient as we achieve challenging goals, but we improve the world around us. We produce better products for ourselves and our neighbors, but we also innovate technologies that can be reused for future challenges. Innovation today is a team sport. Innovations in one industry spark innovations in another.

Innovations in the semiconductor industry have made high-end computing power cheap and packaged for the transportation environment. This computing technology has in turn fueled innovation in feature-rich content and has created market competition that transformed vehicles into “computers on wheels (or tracks).”

So, what is our future? What will we, in the commercial vehicle/off-highway industry, innovate? And for what challenges will we innovate?"