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dSPACE Release 6.4 Supports Vista 64

July 22, 2010: With the recently launched dSPACE Release 6.4, virtually all dSPACE products can run under Microsoft® Windows Vista® 64 – putting dSPACE ahead of the field when it comes to real-time development systems. With support for the 64-bit version of Windows Vista, the 4-GB memory limit of earlier 32-bit operating systems is a thing of the past. The applications and operating system no longer have to share the maximum addressable 4 GB: Each application has its own 4-GB memory area (WOW64 mode). Day-to-day development work benefits from this. For example, even large-scale Simulink® and TargetLink® models can now be edited and compiled, even if other application programs are open simultaneously – so the frequency of time-consuming hard disk access is considerably reduced.

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