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ASM 8.4

New user interface, supercharger, supercapacitor, ESP soft ECU, and more

The graphical user interface of ModelDesk has been extended by a multifunctional ribbon in the Windows® ribbon format. ModelDesk and all submodules have the new handling concept.

The ASM engine models now contain a supercharger that can simulate exceptionally highly compressed intake air. In addition, the ASM now also include a driver model that supports start-stop operation and is designed for manual gear-switching while reversing.

To perform vehicle dynamics simulations without a real ECU, an electronic stability program (ESP) soft ECU is available. ASM KnC, the virtual test bench for designing and analyzing chassis, now supports the simulation of integral multi-link suspensions.

For hybrid applications, a simulation model for supercapacitors has been integrated.

The sensor model for the two-dimensional capturing of vehicle objects has new switchable modes: It can now be used for scanning contours and for detecting open sectors.

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