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Automotive Simulation Models 8.3

Simulation Tool Suite with New Features

December 1, 2016: The new version of the Automotive Simulation Model (ASM) tool suite offers an extended range of functionality for the simulation of combustion engines, vehicle dynamics, electric components, and ambient traffic.

In the area of combustion engine simulation, the catalytic converters were enhanced with an improved oxygen storage capability and better temperature behavior. These measures lead to a physically more precise simulation of exhaust gas emissions. Particularly during transient engine operation, the influence of the stored oxygen on the emitted air-fuel ratio becomes apparent. Furthermore, the light-off behavior of the catalytic converters can be displayed more realistically.

In the area of vehicle dynamics simulation, the driver cabin of a tractor can simulate heave and pitch due to additional degrees of freedom. This allows for a more realistic motion behavior of front cameras in ADAS applications. Further axle kinematics for rigid axles in trucks and buses, known as drag link steering systems, are also available.

When you simulate electric components, the model for multicell batteries can now simulate individual temperatures per cell, which can also be evaluated with sensors. Moreover, passive rectifier models are now available to convert three-phase electric power into direct current, which can be used to supply electric drives.

The area of traffic simulation was further enhanced to optimize the detection of various types of road users. For this, fellow vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, animals, etc. can be displayed on different motion trajectories and with very high traffic density. 

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