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RTI Bypass Blockset 3.4

Bypassing Now in Virtual Environments

May 15, 2015: In addition to external bypassing and on-target prototyping, the new version 3.4 of the dSPACE RTI Bypass Blockset now also supports bypassing virtual electronic control units (V-ECUs). The blockset makes it possible to develop and test new ECU functionalities even when no prototype of the hardware ECU is available (yet). Developers can use the SystemDesk V-ECU Generation Module to generate the necessary V-ECUs. The generated V-ECUs comprise application components and also basic software components, so their functionalities are very close to those of the finalized ECU, allowing for informative tests. The RTI Bypass Blockset supports both VEOS for function tests in PC-based offline simulation and MicroAutoBox II, in combination with the RTI AUTOSAR Blockset, for testing new functions under real-time conditions directly in the vehicle. As soon as the first units of the final ECU are available, the RTI Bypass Blockset can be used to switch to the production platform.