Ready for Shipment: dSPACE Radar Test Benches

Published: April 10, 2019

Our radar test bench team is looking forward to providing our customers with the latest and most efficient radar test systems

When it comes to highly automated and autonomous driving, radar sensors are one of the key technologies for ensuring a safe automotive future. The industry demand for testing and validating radar systems keeps on growing – as demonstrated by our newest lot of dSPACE radar test benches, pictured here as they are being prepared for shipment by our engineering team.

With radar test benches, dSPACE offers a reliable solution for realistically testing radar-based vehicle functions using a synchronized closed-loop system. Furthermore, it enables verification tests of the radar sensor and its components as well as application-specific measurement of the radiation pattern.

dSPACE radar test benches provide over-the-air stimulation of the radar sensor front end. If desired, the simulation can include the front bumper and chassis of the vehicle. This way, all the software and hardware layers can be considered, from detecting the signal at the front of the radar to evaluating it in the radar ECU.

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