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Published: January 05, 2016

Donald Saldano, Team Leader - Training, dSPACE Inc.

The pace of product innovation, fueled by semiconductors and increasing content of embedded software, has picked up tremendously. The pressure to engineer quality, complex products within the shortest amount of time is intensifying.

Engineers are facing this stress each day in their work lives. Organizations are making the best tools available to these engineers to make them creative, productive, and efficient. However, tools are only as effective as the person who uses them.

Tools come with lots of capabilities, but these capabilities have to be used effectively. Engineers are smart by nature, and for the most part, learn to use the tools by themselves. They will develop their own process for using a tool to suit their purpose, and will continue to use the tool in this manner.

However, as everything evolves, tools evolve too and come with many new features. Engineers will try to adapt and learn. But sometimes, with the known complexity, the learning curve can get quite steep. Sometimes, new features can make our existing practices simpler and easier. And having similar work processes and methods can lead to better collaboration within a team. Many organizations have found that an answer to these issues of using tools efficiently, uniformly and making engineers even more efficient, is in timely and effective training.

At dSPACE, we offer training for all the tools we provide ... for all levels of engineers – from new to highly experienced engineers. Our training classes are designed to give users that unique learning experience that shortens their learning curve significantly.

I’ve been teaching classes at dSPACE Inc. for more than 15 years now, and the vast majority of my students always comment that they not only walk away with a better understanding of how a tool or system is supposed to work, but they learn subtle points along the way that helps them get their system up and running faster and more efficiently.

One Class I Recommend for All dSPACE Systems Users

One of the core classes that I feel is essential for every dSPACE system user is our Real-Time Systems class. This class is fundamental because it walks engineers through the entire process of taking their control ideas, expressed as simulation models, and applying them in real-time with physical systems for validating their design.

This class teaches use of tools to perform engineering tasks of calibrating design parameters, capturing data, performing analysis etc. At the end of training, engineers feel confident about their abilities to take theoretical design principles and apply those in real-time, and they have a much better idea of how to implement testing scenarios, from the simplest to the most complex applications.

I See a Growing Demand for These Two Classes

We are seeing a big demand for our SCALEXIO System class. SCALEXIO, the next generation of HIL systems introduced by dSPACE, offers tremendous capabilities and sophistication for testing of embedded systems. We are seeing an increasing adoption of this technology. If you want to learn how to use a SCALEXIO system and customize it to your own requirements, you should definitely consider this class. We will be scheduling a lot more of these class offerings in 2016.

A lot of our users are also migrating to ControlDesk Next Generation (CDNG), a tool we released a few years ago. CDNG offers unparalleled features for experimentation, especially for ADAS systems. As a result, we are also seeing increasing demand for our ControlDesk Next Generation Basic – Including Migration class.  Most users ultimately decide that they could benefit from the new capabilities offered by this software. So if you are a new user of CDNG, or if you are looking to switch over from ControlDesk 3.x to CDNG, this class will be a big help for you.

You will learn about many new features of CDNG for capturing data from multiple sources with a common time base, video and map tools for ADAS development and many other enhancements.

Custom Training − Best Alternative

It is often noticed that in a regular public training class, proprietary information prevents some participants from getting into the details of their specific applications and requirements. But with a custom class, we can always delve into these topics in great detail. It really provides the best, personal training experience. Additionally, with larger groups of individuals, organizations often request us to host training classes on-site at their facilities. We are more than glad to provide such services. Our trainers will customize training material to match your requirements. 

Be Proactive

Return-on-investment (ROI) is an important criterion in making investment decisions for tools, methods and processes. However, effective training, a simple factor that can have a huge impact on ROI, is often overlooked. It is critically important to have the right level of skill and competence to make your engineering teams effective, and training can certainly help. Shortening the learning curve, increasing productivity and enhancing your ROI is certainly our motto. Give us an opportunity to help you reach your goals. 

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