Developing Autonomous Vehicles Faster with End-to-End Solutions from dSPACE on Microsoft Azure

Paderborn, December 3, 2020. dSPACE will offer customers its comprehensive solutions for data-driven development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) on the Microsoft cloud computing platform Azure. dSPACE will work with Microsoft to offer research and development engineers in the automotive industry an end-to-end solution that is scalable, secure, efficient, and agile.

The development of ADAS/AD functions relies on capturing large volumes of data from the vehicle perception sensors, buses, and networks, and on generating simulated scenarios to analyze the behavior of the software, individual systems, subsystems as well as complete, integrated systems. The incoming data has to be enriched to a usable format, and it must be easy to distribute to teams working on AI-based development, data replay as well as simulation and validation tasks. This requires a powerful, flexible, and centralized data storage system, as well as a scalable and computational infrastructure with AI- and ML-based tools that can run seamlessly in the same environment.

dSPACE will address these requirements by collaborating with Microsoft. As a leading supplier to the automotive industry, dSPACE offers mature and proven end-to-end solutions for the complete ADAS/AD simulation and validation process, including data logging, data enrichment, advanced simulation models, and data management software. This offering is complemented by the global, open, and scalable Microsoft cloud platform that allows businesses to innovate while meeting their security, privacy, and compliance requirements.  

This approach achieves an integrated end-to-end solution for data-driven development, allowing automotive OEMs and suppliers to focus on algorithm development to meet their time-to-market project goals.

"We combine our comprehensive and mature simulation portfolio with the highly scalable computational infrastructure of Microsoft Azure so that our customers can take full advantage of best-in-class solutions of both areas," says Tino Schulze, Executive Vice President Automated Driving & Software Solutions at dSPACE.

"Collaborating with Microsoft will enable us to further expand our expertise in the areas of cloud computing and big data. Together, we will tackle the challenges of our automotive customers, supporting them in getting self-driving cars on the road faster," explains Martin Goetzeler, CEO of dSPACE.

Sanjay Ravi, General Manager Automotive Industry at Microsoft, says: "Establishing an end-to-end workflow across all phases of autonomous vehicle development is a challenging technical and logistical endeavor. By integrating their ADAS and AD systems with Microsoft Azure, dSPACE is empowering the automotive ecosystem with the power, flexibility, and scalability to support these data-rich and computation-intensive workloads."

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