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Quick and Easy: Programming Electric Drives Directly on FPGA

  • FPGA library for fast electric drive controls
  • Powerful position sensor evaluation
  • Flexible PWM generation

Wixom, Michigan, April 03, 2014: dSPACE has just released the XSG AC Motor Control (XSG = Xilinx System Generator) Library software for developing control systems for electric drives. The library enables engineers to program Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) for use in control tasks with dSPACE MicroAutoBox II and SCALEXIO systems, as well as modular dSPACE hardware.

By moving control loops onto reconfigurable hardware, engineers for the first time ever can achieve execution speed of over 100 kHz and conveniently develop highly dynamic electric drive systems for applications demanding precise position and speed. The XSG AC Motor Control Library addresses these requirements with powerful capabilities for high-performance evaluation of various types of position sensors, including encoders, resolvers etc., and flexible generation of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signals. Developers can flexibly combine library components using the dSPACE RTI FPGA Programming Blockset software.

Developing Electric Drives with dSPACE
Electric drives are increasingly being incorporated into basic, complex, and safety-relevant vehicle functions in automotive, aerospace and many other applications due to its ability to provide precision control, while providing benefits for reducing cost and emissions. dSPACE products speed up the development of electronic control unit software for electric drive applications for mild/full hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, aerospace electro-mechanical (EMA) and electro-Hydraulic (EHA) actuators, drivetrain actuators, electronic servo steering, auxiliary aggregates (oil and water pumps), etc.

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