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Automotive Simulation Models 9.1

Published: June 21, 2018

Focus on autonomous driving and e-mobility

The Automotive Simulation Model (ASM) tool suite provides new, crucial functions for the development of autonomous and electric vehicles.

One core tool for defining virtual traffic scenarios for autonomous driving is the new Scenario Editor. It offers convenient graphical operation methods for defining the maneuvers of the ego-vehicle as well as the surrounding traffic. Afterwards, the ASM Traffic Model can be used to execute the traffic scenarios on a road network with any number of lanes. During the virtual drive, the 3-D sensor models of ASM Traffic also consider obstructions caused by objects in the detection zone. The sensor can also be used to detect lane markings on the road by outputting their distance relative to a freely configurable reference point on the vehicle. This is useful for testing lane keeping assistants, for example. 

To make simulating electric vehicles as easy as possible, ASM 9.1 provides a demo model of a complete battery electric vehicle (BEV). Combining the vehicle model with ASM Electric Components makes for a ready-to-use solution for the simulation of electric vehicles. 

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