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AutomationDesk 5.5

Published: January 12, 2018

XIL Framework support for convenient and safe test automation

AutomationDesk 5.5, the latest version of the dSPACE test automation software, now offers enhanced XIL Framework support. In a new configuration environment, the user can specify global settings for the test bench and evaluate its validity. After the user initialized the XIL ports and the XIL mapping, convenient user interfaces support him in accessing the data of the initialized XIL ports and XIL mappings. Incorrect entries are now a thing of the past and test sequences can be parameterized even more safely. Standard test steps for reading, writing, or evaluating variables can be defined at the click of a button by using the new Get, Set, and Check blocks. Implicit XIL access functions and report properties are automatically configured. Creating special blocks in the Custom Libraries is no longer required because generating the new blocks takes very little effort. 

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