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MotionDesk 3.8

Improvements for Testing ADAS Scenarios

May 19, 2016: MotionDesk 3.8, the latest version of the 3-D online animation software, now lets users define lines for lane markings and visualize them accurately down to the last centimeter. This helps them develop assistance systems that have to detect lane markings. MotionDesk now offers objects for reflector posts, concrete barriers, and freely configured lines for lane markings. This lets users test various lane assistance systems, especially in construction site scenarios. Less data has to be transmitted between the simulation and ModelDesk for sensor and force vector visualization. This way, the bandwidth between the simulation and MotionDesk can be used more efficiently, letting developers create larger scenarios.

Forty visually updated and improved 3-D objects for environment and ADAS scenarios round off the new MotionDesk version.

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