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ASM 6.0: New model for simulating pneumatic systems; extended model for traffic and environment simulation

June 5, 2014: Version 6.0 of the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) introduces a new model for simulating pneumatics systems and also extends the model for simulating the traffic and the environment.
The new ASM Pneumatics Model supports the simulation of pneumatic brake systems (ABS/EBS) and pneumatic suspensions for passenger cars, trucks, buses and trailers. The model contains elementary pneumatics components such as a compressor, a tank, valves and brake cylinders. Ready-to-use preconfigured systems are also provided.
ASM Traffic has been extended for use in a diversity of scenarios in the development of driver assistance systems. It provides moving and stationary virtual objects (pedestrians, traffic signs, obstacles) and virtual sensors for object detection. Camera-based and radio-based sensors are supported, and their detection range can be configured flexibly. An integrated Euro NCAP test suite automatically determines the ratings for each vehicle-and-assistance-system combination.

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