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dSPACE direct 2016-11

All product news published in dSPACE direct 2016-11

On-Target Bypassing with TargetLink for Close-to-Production Function Development

With the dSPACE on-target prototyping tool chain, new functions can be directly integrated into existing electronic control unit (ECU) code and tested. Using TargetLink reduces ECU resource consumption and makes functions as well as code fit for series production very early in the development cycle.

TargetLink Now Certified for ISO 25119

TÜV SÜD (German international certification authority) confirms that TargetLink is suitable for the development of safety-relevant software in tractors and machines for agriculture and forestry.

Real-Time ECU Access with SCALEXIO

In hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests, direct real-time access from the HIL simulator to the unit under test is necessary to be able to synchronously measure and adjust internal electronic control unit (ECU) variables.

Real-Time Simulation of Electrical Models

The dSPACE Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package enables the real-time simulation of electrical models developed in SimPowerSystems™.

XIL Cross Tests Successfully Completed

XIL cross tests carried out at dSPACE GmbH in Paderborn on July 13 and 14, 2016 demonstrated a good interoperability of test tools and test benches using XIL API interfaces. Volkswagen AG, carts GmbH/MicroNova AG, embeddeers GmbH, National Instruments GmbH, TraceTronic GmbH, and Vector Informatik GmbH joined dSPACE in this worthwhile event.

Low Emissions with Hy-Nets

Car2x communication for more efficient hybrid drives

Video: Mechatronic Test Benches from dSPACE

Watch a video on how to use hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation to test-drive the steering behavior of a vehicle realistically under laboratory conditions with a highly dynamic mechatronic test bench. Such a test bench lets manufacturers efficiently test and optimize the behavior, feel and function of new steering systems even in early development phases.

Video: Highly Automated Driving on Highways

dSPACE provides a comprehensive tool chain for developing and testing automated driving functions in realistic scenarios.

Will Your ECU Software Still Function Correctly After Migrating to AUTOSAR?

AUTOSAR is becoming increasingly popular in the North American automotive market. As a result, many companies are working on migrating their existing electronic control unit (ECU) software to AUTOSAR.




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