dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare 1.0

Comparing Different Versions of AUTOSAR Artifacts

The new dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare tool makes it easy to compare two different versions of AUTOSAR artifacts. These different versions can occur, for example, if several developers, working at different stages in the development process using different tools, exchange ARXML files with each other. dSPACE AUTOSAR Compare lists the AUTOSAR elements of both artifact versions next to each other in a clearly arranged tree structure and visualizes the differences. You can then resolve these differences in the ARXML files either manually or automatically. In the automated process, both customer-specific and predefined rule sets can be used to resolve the differences. A typical example of using a predefined rule set is when a dSPACE TargetLink software developer receives an ARXML file from a software architect using dSPACE SystemDesk. 

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