Standards Increase Efficiency in the Development Process

Relevant realistic test scenarios form the basis for meaningful vehicle and traffic simulations. The fast exchange and simple use of proven test scenarios increase efficiency and quality in the test process. The simulation models of the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) tool suite are ideal for this by design, as they support standardized formats and interfaces:

  • ASAM OpenSCENARIO® for the dynamic behavior of objects in automotive simulations
  • ASAM OpenDRIVE® for static simulation content, such as road networks
  • ASAM OpenCRG® (Curved Regular Grid) for the detailed description of road surfaces
  • ASAM OSI® (Open Simulation Interface) for interfaces to sensors and driving functions

The important interface OpenDRIVE, which has been established for years, is consistently being expanded in close coordination with established providers of OpenDRIVE files. Retroactive support of new versions is also easily possible due to the modular structure of the interface.

During simulation, ASM outputs OSI-compliant road and object information in real time, for example, to provide sensor models with simulated ground truth information. dSPACE ControlDesk layouts also let you visualize and measure the OSI data in real time, for example, to monitor the input variables for sensor models.

Through its involvement in ASAM e.V. projects, dSPACE is actively shaping the future of these standards and will build on these formats and interfaces even more in the future.

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