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ADAS Blocksets Can Now Be Used with VEOS

October 2014: dSPACE provides special Simulink® blocksets for in-vehicle function development and hardware-in-the-loop testing of advanced driver assistance systems. These include the ADASIS v2 Horizon Reconstructor Blockset and ADAS RP Blockset for accessing electronic horizon data, and the ADTF Blockset for connecting to EB Assist ADTF. The blocksets now also support PC-based simulation with VEOS in addition to dSPACE real-time platforms. This gives end users the opportunity to use open-loop and closed-loop simulation to validate driver assistance functions on standard PCs at an early stage.

They can also use the same function models, plant models, and operating, visualization, and testing tools seamlessly throughout the development process. Simulating driver assistance systems on PCs especially provides a high degree of flexibility for running through different maneuvers and test scenarios in a short time. The result is that the function models already have a high level of maturity in early development stages, which saves development time and costs.