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Electric Flight with MicroAutoBox

Published: November 08, 2016

ACENTISS develops fully electric aircraft

With ELIAS (ELectric Aircraft IABG AcentisS), ACENTISS has developed a completely electric, optionally piloted aircraft that will be used to test surveillance and monitoring systems. To prepare the test flights, the aircraft is thoroughly tested in the aircraft-in-the-loop simulation at the ACENTISS parent company IABG. The engineers not only validate the automatic flight, they also test switching from manual to automated flight mode during the flight. A dSPACE MicroAutoBox is used as the onboard flight guidance computer, because it provides a direct interface to MATLAB®/Simulink®, so modifications to the control algorithms can be implemented quickly.

A detailed article about ELIAS will be published in our upcoming dSPACE Magazine.

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