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Creating Vehicle Software Faster And More Efficiently

Ulrich Eisemann (dSPACE GmbH), 
Published: autobeatgroup, Jul 2015

Today’s vehicles rely upon millions of software code lines to function safely and efficiently. The days of writing a lot of that code by hand are long gone, thanks to Model-Based-Design (MBD)
and automated tools that quickly translate intended functionality into streamlined and high-quality, production-ready code.
The global auto industry has relied on one powerful tool—dSPACE’s TargetLink—more than any other over the past 15 years to safely and effectively generate the ever-increasing volumes of application software in cars. The Paderborn, Germany-based company says tens of millions of vehicles on the road today contain TargetLink-produced code. Ulrich Eisemann, the senior product manager for TargetLink, describes the reasons why customers prefer TargetLink to create software for controlling everything from engines, transmissions, electric powertrains, and vehicle dynamics to body and infotainment systems.