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A Show of Excellence … Honoring 2017 EcoCAR 3 Winning Teams

Published: June 01, 2017

Ohio State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Georgia Tech swept the top three standings in the EcoCAR 3 Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition for displaying all-around excellence in judged categories, including safety, technical, drive quality and emissions testing.

The winning team standings were:

  • 1st Place Overall: Ohio State University
  • 2nd Place Overall: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • 3rd Place Overall: Georgia Tech

First Place Winning Team – Ohio State University

A total of 16 universities are participating in EcoCAR 3, which is a four-year competition challenging students to redesign a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro to make it more energy efficient and reduce its environmental impact. The third year of this four year competition came to a conclusion during a rigorous two-week finale event held May 14-25, 2017.

The teams traveled to the General Motors Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan, to showcase their hybrid-electric re-engineered vehicles. Participating teams were required to complete a series of judged events, including vehicle safety technical inspections, on-road vehicle testing, a consumer appeal event, and an emissions & energy consumption activity, among other events.

After completing judged activities at the GM Proving Ground, the teams moved on to Washington D.C. for the second half of the competition, where they were required to give presentations on the technical aspects of their re-engineered vehicles, as well as project management and communication efforts, highlighting their activities from the year.

Competition organizers credited OSU for producing a reliable, well-designed drive-line with a P3 motor. The team tackled the difficult task of using an automated manual transmission, which allowed the team to increase control over its transmission, resulting in an even more efficient vehicle.

“Ohio State fully integrated their vehicle with impressive attention to details, and they managed to maintain the legacy of the Camaro while moving it into the future,” said Kristen Wahl, director of the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition at Argonne National Laboratory. “Innovative thinking and tireless devotion clearly contributed to the team’s success.”

The teams will take a short break over the summer before they enter into the final year of the 4-year EcoCar 3 competition, which concludes in the spring of 2018.

dSPACE is a Leadership Sponsor of EcoCAR 3.

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