Video of dSPACE's MicroLabBox

The new, compact control system development platform for laboratory use, dSPACE MicroLabBox, offers high computing power and comprehensive functionalities.

MicroLabBox makes creating, optimizing and testing controllers, and implementing data acquisition applications easy and cost-efficient for both industry and academia.

With its powerful combination of a Simulink®-programmable real-time processor and the latest high-performance Kintex® FPGA (field-programmable gate array), MicroLabBox provides the versatility required for research and development.

It is specifically designed with an optimal form factor to not take up any more desk space than a conventional laptop computer.

MicroLabBox, with over 100 I/O channels of various types, lets engineers develop innovative applications in robotics, medical engineering, electric drives, renewable energy, consumer appliances, industrial products, automotive engineering, and aerospace.

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