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Virtual Validation with Bonus Adaptive Cruise Control Demo – More than Meets the Eye

Presenter: Joe Fairchild, Project Manager Software Development and Validation, dSPACE Inc.

This presentation opens with a statement no one can dispute: Discovering issues earlier in the product development cycle saves time and money. But how do you achieve this? More features and more customization are leading to a higher system complexity and more variants, increasing the need for more testing. dSPACE presents a better solution. The webcast concludes with a demo of how to test a virtual ECU for adaptive cruise control by using the dSPACE ASM tool for vehicle dynamics and traffic simulation, executed on the dSPACE VEOS software-in-the-loop simulation platform.

  • Provide a brief overview of the concept of virtual validation
  • Discuss the motivation behind virtual validation
  • Review the challenges associated with virtual validation
  • Describe the equipment that is required for simulation and testing
  • Examine AUTOSAR as a key enabler for virtual ECUs
  • Discuss Functional Mock-up Interface as a tool-independent model exchange standard
  • Present an open tool chain for virtual ECU development and an example demo


Duration: 22 minutes

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