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Recording of Online Workshop: Data Logging and Edge Computing for Autonomous System Development

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Abstract: This online workshop will be presented in two parts:

Sensor Interfacing, Data Logging, and Prototyping

  • Challenges for in-vehicle data logging and prototyping in ADAS/AD developments
  • How to solve challenges with a flexible, high-performance system approach
  • How to ingest data to your data center or cloud environment

Perception Software Workflow: Collect, Store, Prototype, Validate, Iterate

  • Challenges for ADAS/AD algorithm development and testing
  • How to solve issues with a modular and powerful end-to-end toolchain
  • Middlewares and data management tools to optimize your processes

Marius Mueller

Product Manager
Real Time Test & Development Solutions

Nicolas Du Lac


Basic Information Video