Flexible and Scalable - HIL simulation for body ECUs

Dirk Hasse (dSPACE GmbH), 
Jürgen Klahold (dSPACE GmbH), 
Published: Automobil Elektronik, Jun 2013

Testing powertrain ECUs for the drivetrain is a long-established standard part of the development process. The development of body ECUs is different, though, because budgets are much tighter here. The test systems have to be designed accordingly. Body ECUs have a much larger number of digital inputs and outputs than powertrain ECUs. They therefore place different demands on the test system: It has to provide reasonably priced digital I/O available but still offer all the options needed for performing functional and electrical tests.

  • English: Flexible and Scalable - HIL simulation for body ECUs PDF, 1094 KB

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