Deutz - Dynamic Models for Deutz Diesel Power

Mark Zimmermann (Deutz AG), 
Company: Deutz AG, Germany
Published: dSPACE NEWS 2006/1, Feb 2006

Deutz AG is relying on a test system based on dSPACE Simulator to run release tests on diesel engine electronic control units (ECUs). The hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator works with the new ASM Diesel Engine Simulation Package. Optimum economy of the HIL test system was ensured by fast ECU variant handling and test automation. The model parameters can be accessed directly during run time for fast reparameterization, resulting in efficient ECU testing.

  • English: Deutz - Dynamic Models for Deutz Diesel Power PDF, 376 KB
  • German: Deutz - Dynamische Modelle für Deutz-Diesel-Power PDF, 381 KB
  • Japanese: Deutz社ディーゼルエンジン用ダイナミックモデル PDF, 811 KB

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