Test Automation Software

Published: Jan 2022

AutomationDesk is a powerful test authoring and automation tool for testing electronic control units (ECUs). AutomationDesk users can create and edit test routines in a graphical format without requiring programming skills. 

Real-Time Testing opens up expanded test options with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. Reactive tests which respond to changes in model variables within the same simulation step can be implemented, for example. 

By using the Real-Time Testing (RTT) Observer Library, you can use requirement observers that were created with BTC EmbeddedSpecifier on dSPACE platforms to continuously monitor your requirements. 

The Platform API Package is a set of libraries to access and manage dSPACE real-time platforms and dSPACE VEOS. 

The Failure Simulation Package gives you quick and easy access to ASAM XIL-compliant failure simulation units.

  • English: Test Automation Software PDF, 5540 KB
  • Japanese: テストオートメーションソフトウエア PDF, 6249 KB

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