Why and How to Validate Simulations for Testing Automated Driving Systems

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Simulation plays a crucial role for safety argumentation and is becoming increasingly important to deal with the enormous complexity – a complex system in a complex environment.

Validating automated driving systems (ADS) and certain safety measures by simulation means that it must be proven that the results of the simulation are reliable and trustworthy. Similar to the development of ADS, the models for them must also be developed, verified and validated. The procedures and processes for models and ADS are very similar, e.g. unit, integration, system and acceptance tests, from component level to system level.
Key Topics and Takeaways:

  • Understand the process of validating models and simulations
  • Learn how to validate simulations & models
  • Question measurements and simulations in order to compare them appropriately


Christopher Wiegand

Christopher Wiegand

Product Manager – Automated Driving & Software Solutions dSPACE GmbH

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