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The TargetLink Partner Program

Over the years, model-based development and automatic code generation have come a long way. Any complete and efficient model-based tool chain must include solutions for model-based testing, evaluating modeling guidelines, data management, target support, etc.

The TargetLink® Partner Program was designed for companies that develop and promote products for complementing and expanding TargetLink's functionalities, thereby supporting customers when they launch a model-based development process and a tool chain that includes TargetLink.

Two Different Partnerships
There are two kinds of TargetLink partners:

  • A TargetLink Partner is a company or organization that develops and promotes a complementary product that complements or expands TargetLink's functionalities. This kind of partnership offers the possibility to cooperate closely with a market leader in embedded software development.
  • A TargetLink Strategic Partner is a company or organization that develops and promotes a complementary product which supports TargetLink in such a manner that it goes above and beyond the normal support for comparable tools. A strategic partnership demands close coordination and a high level of commitment in engineering and marketing. Strategic partnerships are on an invitation only basis.

How to Become a TargetLink Partner
Are you interested in becoming a TargetLink Partner? Just contact your dSPACE team.

Current TargetLink Partners

TargetLink Strategic Partners:
BTC Embedded Systems AG
Model Engineering Solutions GmbH
TargetLink Partners:
PikeTec GmbH
Reactive Systems Inc.
Schaeffler Engineering GmbH

TargetLink Partner Products
Partner Tools for TargetLink

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