Sept. 14-16, 2021
Attend online or in person at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Chicago in Rosemont, IL

Tino Schulze

Executive Vice President

Autonomous Driving & Software Solutions dSPACE

Panel Discussion: Product Development: Challenges with Testing of Connected and Autonomous Commercial Vehicles

  • Tuesday, September 14 
  • 10:30 a.m. CT
  • Session Code: CV301 
  • Rosemont Ballroom


The benefits of connected and autonomous commercial vehicles have been widely presented. With the most recent crash statistics showing 36,096 fatalities resulting from motor vehicle crashes in the US in 2019, an opportunity exists, through technological innovation, to address these needless deaths. In February 2020, the US Congressional research Service published a report outlining issues in autonomous vehicle testing that included lack of Federal Regulation and inconsistent state regulations. Beyond governmental issues, safety is often noted as a concern that can only be addressed through a robust and vigorous testing protocol that involves both controlled and in situ testing. In this session, leaders from government, industry, and academia will highlight some of the testing challenges for Class 8 trucks in the US and provide insight on new directions and initiatives.

Moderators - Rahul Gupta, Deloitte Transactions and Bus Analytics

Panelists - Michael Fleming, Torc Robotics Michael Mollenhauer, Virginia Tech. Transportation Institute Tino Schulze, dSPACE GmbH Dee Williams, NHTSA

dSPACE (Booth #200) to Unveil Two New Powerful Products for Simulation​​​​​​​

SIMPHERA: What does the next level of simulation look like? Catch a glimpse of dSPACE’s

brand new web-based and scalable cloud solution for simulation and validation – SIMPHERA. This high-performance environment for the simulation and validation of ECU software can be used for both autonomous driving and classic domains.

Four reasons why the cloud-based SIMPHERA simulation environment will make your work more efficient:

  • The web-based approach allows for simple deployment and instant access
  • Seamless scalability: increase your simulation performance with a few clicks, e.g., by adding more nodes, users, and data
  • Flexible, scalable licensing model
  • Optimized usability and guided workflows, continuously improved on the basis of learnings from the customer community

To learn more about SIMPHERA, visit our booth (# 200) or look for the dSPACE Product Spotlight recording, accessible to COMVEC attendees.

Sensor-Realistic Simulation (SRS): dSPACE will also unveil its new solution for performing sensor-realistic simulation (SRS). By combining the capability of high-resolution visualization and camera, lidar and radar models in a 3-D environment, engineers can effectively test perception sensors equipped on automated vehicles across a wide range of scenarios with realistic weather and lighting conditions. Visit our booth to see a live demo.

About COMVEC 2021

COMVEC™ has always been the premier North American conference spanning the on-highway, agricultural, construction, industrial, military and mining sectors. While we remain focused on advancing the industry towards increased fuel efficiencies and a more diverse propulsion portfolio of commercial vehicles, you’ll also connect with industry leaders with strategies to balance today’s technology costs, development efforts and current economic conditions.

The convening point for engineering professionals around the world seeking new solutions for Energy Balance and Future Transportation, COMVEC 2021 is where you’ll learn what others are doing to overcome supply chain challenges in today’s environment and meet the experts driving the latest research and innovations in new powertrain options, autonomous vehicles, braking, platooning and more.

For more information, visit: https://www.sae.org/attend/comvec

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