dSPACE at CES 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA January 5-8, 2022

Visit dSPACE at Booth #3555 – Location: LVCC West Hall

CES sets the global stage for innovation and dSPACE is ready to share new, cutting-edge solutions to accelerate your development of innovative vehicle technology. Whether you are working on highly automated driving, electric mobility or intelligent assistance systems, dSPACE helps companies advance their innovations with our comprehensive, end-to-end, simulation and validation solution.

Visit us at booth #3555 (LVCC West Hall) to see live demos of our newest product revelations:

SIMPHERA, a web-based, highly-scalable solution for the simulation and validation of autonomous driving functions. With SIMPHERA, users can create, execute, and evaluate very realistic, deterministic simulations to efficiently drive the development of automotive applications.

AURELION is dSPACE’s new dSPACE 3-D rendering engine that lets you simulate sensor environments (i.e., camera, radar, lidar) for virtual test drives with precision. High-resolution visualization includes realistic lighting and weather effects.

Smart Charging Solution – The dSPACE Smart Charging Solution supports all common charging standards, including ISO 15118, to help you develop and test technologies utilizing an electric vehicle charging process. With the high flexibility offered by the Smart Charging Solution, you can complete a range of tasks, such as simulating charging stations and electric vehicles, and simulating, testing, and developing onboard chargers.

Radar Test Bench – At CES, you can also check out the dSPACE Essential 2D Radar Test Bench for the realistic testing of radar-based electronic control unit (ECU) functions. This test bench offers a robust environment where you can exhaustively test radar ECU software at the component (single ECU) level, as well as the system level (combining multiple sensors and/or ECUs).

AUTERA: Log data with lightning-fast speed! AUTERA is a dSPACE product family designed for data-driven development in autonomous driving and driver assistance. Its core member is the AUTERA AutoBox – a modular robust in-vehicle data logging and prototyping system with excellent performance. It can read, process, and record raw data from lidar, radar, and camera sensors, as well as automotive buses and networks, with best-in-class bandwidth.

Intempora Validation Suite (IVS): See a live demo of the IVS (Intempora Validation Suite). This cloud-based validation software toolchain is used for training, testing, benchmarking and validating ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and HAD (Highly-Automated Driving) software functions, including perception and deep learning algorithms, against large driving sensor datasets stored in big data architectures in the cloud or on-premise.

dSPACE Technology at the Microsoft Technology Pavilion - Booth #4029:
See how you can accelerate development with a centralized, secured, cloud platform.

And Our Partner Companies:

  • KPIT – Managed Services for ADAS/AD validation and smart charging
  • Uhnder – Developing radar sensors with dSPACE technology (Booth #3723)
  • LeddarTech – Lidar innovations for self-driving cars (Booth # 7061)

Data Annotation

Self-driving cars require huge amounts of data to master their surroundings. Objects, such as vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic signs, that are captured by onboard sensors (camera, radar, lidar) need to be annotated to determine how the autonomous vehicle will react … will it drive safely? dSPACE company UAI will share a demo on using its UAI Annotator to test and validate driving functions.

We look forward to meeting you at CES!

About the Event

Tech has never been more important in our lives and CES 2022 will bring the industry back together to experience the next generation of innovation.

Over 1600 companies from across the globe – with more being added every day – will showcase the latest in digital health, food tech, automotive tech, NFTs, gaming, smart home and more. Check out how

these innovators and more are making their mark on the industry. With more companies committing to show each day, we encourage you to continue to explore the full exhibitor directory.

Proof of Vaccination Required

Proof of vaccination is required to join us in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8, 2022. For more information, read our CES 2022 health protocols.

Learn more about CES 2022 at: https://www.ces.tech/

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