dSPACE at Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2022

June 21 - 23, 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany  

Automotive Testing Expo is the world's leading international exhibition for all aspects of automotive testing, development, and validation technologies.

With over 400 exhibitors, visitors can expect to see the latest technologies in ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing, NVH measurement tools, test stands, simulation packages, durability testing technologies, crash testing, dynamometers, emission measurement systems, and dynamic evaluation tools as well as numerous service providers such as proving grounds and test facilities.

If you are looking for high-performance solutions for the development and testing of electric motors, battery systems, power electronics components, or charging technology, then visit us in hall 10 at booth 1530.

More information: https://www.testing-expo.com/europe/en/

Presentations of our colleagues

Hartmut Jürgens
Product Manager

June 22, 2:20 P.M.
Topic: Seamless test process for distributed teams

Distributed testing of teams is daily work due to home-office or teams split across different locations. This is a challenge for a robust test process, since quick light weighted direct talks in one office are not possible. Tracking of changes and states is also valuable for reliable planning and continuous integration & testing workflows. Improvements in SYNECT and AutomationDesk enable seamless and transparent testing workflows, even if the team is spread across different locations.

Exhibition Highlights 

Battery Management System Testing

  • Modular and scalable system architecture fits any use case
  • Best-in-class battery cell emulation with outstanding precision
  • Ready-to-use, real-time-capable battery model
  • Highly customizable, based on predefined system setups including turn-key engineering

Developing and Testing Smart Charging Systems

  • Support of all common charging standards, including ISO 15118-specific features like TLS encryption and plug-and-charge
  • Conformance testing according to charging communication standards
  • High level of customization as well as fault injection and logging capabilities

FPGA-Based Motor Simulation

  • Simulation of extremely time-critical applications
  • Support of very high oversampling rates
  • FPGA-based simulation and high-speed I/O access
  • Ready-to-use open models

Power Electronics Simulation

  • Real-time simulation of Simscape Electrical™ circuits for HIL applications
  • FPGA-based approach for low-latency simulation down to a simulation step size of 400 ns
  • Processor-based approach for mid-latency simulation down to a simulation step size of 25 μs

Power HIL Testing

  • Testing electric motor controllers, including power electronics with emulated motors and real currents
  • Modular hardware for different applications and special topologies
  • Turn-key test bench concepts for a wide range of applications

Mechatronic Test Benches

  • Turn-key solutions optimally adapted to your needs
  • Closed-loop tests also at a mechanical level
  • Testing of complex mechatronic systems in the fields of autonomous driving or vehicle dynamics, for applications such as steering and brake systems

End-of-Line Test System for Radar Sensors

  • Radar far-field tests in the smallest of spaces (CATR)
  • Interference-free testing of the entire radar sensor due to large quiet zone
  • Distances, speeds, and sizes of radar targets can be changed continuously
  • Automated, reproducible test scenarios

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