Learn how dSPACE devices are used in training courses to implement controllers on real machines.

dSPACE offers various hardware and software solutions to universities and research institutions to be utilized in engineering courses. RTMaps, a component-based software development and execution environment from Intempora, is free for universities to use for various projects. Multisensor applications like RTMaps play an essential role in many areas such as advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous driving, multimodal human-machine interfaces, robotics and aerospace. 

Visit the dSPACE booth to learn how Chunedum Okwudire, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, and his students utilized a dSPACE MicroLabBox, Ulendo vibration compensation software and Controldesk to double 3D printing speeds while also reducing vibrations during the printing process. The student-developed software serves as a translator between the commands that would print the part in a perfect world, and how the machine needs to compensate for vibrations in the real world. It works for printers that mechanically move a printhead. dSPACE will have a live demo of a MicroLabBox with a 3D printer to showcase the software developed by Okwudire’s class.

About the Event

The 2023 American Control Conference (ACC) is the annual conference of the American Automatic Control Council (AACC), the U.S. national member organization of the International Federation for Automatic Control (IFAC). This annual 3-day meeting features more than one thousand presentations from both academia and industry, bringing together an international community of researchers and practitioners in all areas related to the engineering and science of control systems.

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