CAR Group Webinar: Bridging the Gap to Safe Autonomous Systems

June 9, 2021, at 11:30 AM ET, 17:30 CEST

Automated vehicle systems are quickly becoming a reality on our roads. While automated vehicles promise to bring many benefits, such as improved safety and reduced congestion on the roads, they also raise systematic, regulatory, and even ethical questions. How can the risks of automated systems be minimized? The transition to automated systems must be done responsibly and through consideration of more than technology. Public policy and human capabilities must also be considered. The automotive industry is currently undergoing a paradigm shift in how to develop these automated driving systems. Join CAR’s President and CEO, Carla Bailo, as she discusses how to move the needle on the safety of autonomous systems with Tino Schulze, Executive Vice President, dSPACE, Bryan Brezdivin, Worldwide AV Specialist, AWS, and Sean Harrington, CEO, Optimus Ride.





Tino Schulze, Executive Vice President, ADSS

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