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Autotech Council Science Fair

Oct. 14, 2019, Computer History Museum, Mountainview, CA

Testing Sensor Data from Cameras, Radar and LiDAR

dSPACE Sensor Simulation PC

Using dSPACE SensorSim Technology, raw sensor data from cameras, radar and LiDAR can be injected and simulated synchronously into a dSPACE software- or hardware-in-the-loop set up to test sensor electronic control units (ECUs).  The dSPACE Sensor Simulation PC facilitates deterministic real-time sensor simulation with a high degree of realism and a high resolution.

When used in combination with the dSPACE VEOS PC-based simulation platform, it is possible to validate the ECU software in the early development stage. Considering the tens of thousands of test drives that are required to validate highly automated driving functions, VEOS offers an easy way to accomplish these tests in an automated virtual setting.

About the Event

Autotech Council members are dedicated to scouting, integrating, and building innovation for mobility. Our Annual Science Fair highlights the innovative products, services and technologies being built by the Autotech Council community.

While the layout may be reminiscent of a High School Science Fair, the technology is not! Join industry leaders as they browse the tables of the leading automotive companies to learn what technology is - transforming the automotive industry.

  • 3 hours of innovative technologies, in-depth conversations and networking
  • 30 discoveries from our member companies leading the field in automotive innovation
  • 300 attendees from across the broad automotive ecosystem

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