Automated Road Transportation Symposium 2021

July 12-15, 2021 (Virtual Event)

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) will hold its Automated Road Transportation Symposium (ARTS21) online event July 12-15, 2021. This event is a continuation of TRB's annual summer symposia on automated vehicle systems.

This Symposium will continue to build on the previous symposia with discussions on the topics of shared mobility; cybersecurity; urban mobility planning; safety; artificial intelligence, and more. The Symposium will also provide a focus on issues impacting the federal, state, and local departments of transportation resulting from road vehicle automation advancements.

dSPACE Presenting Session on Safe Autonomous Systems

Ben Hager
Team Leader – ADAS/AD Engineering
dSPACE inc.


We invite you to join Ben Hager for a breakout session on “Bridging the Gap to Safe Autonomous Systems” taking place Tuesday, July 13, at 10:20 a.m. EST.  This presentation is part of the ARTS21 Technology Track B206.

Session Description:

Paradigm shifts are occurring in the development of AD systems. Does your development and testing process address these key areas?

  • Adapting agile development processes
  • Ensuring software quality in autonomous systems
  • Massively scaled, realistic simulations
  • Safety validation in the development process

We are seeing paradigm shifts on how to develop and test autonomous systems. There is a move within software organizations to adapt agile development processes and adopt a safety validation mindset as a part of the development process. Ensuring software quality in autonomous systems also presents unique challenges for every part of the v-cycle. When you consider the sheer number of test cases that have to be run on autonomous systems, it’s essential to start testing earlier in the process. This leads to new challenges in addressing massively scaled, realistic simulations that are needed to support this testing. This session delivers technical insights and solutions to address these key paradigm shifts in the development and testing of autonomous systems.

dSPACE to Give Presentation on Simulation Toolchain Validation

Jace Allen
Director of ADAS/AD Engineering
dSPACE inc.


dSPACE’s Jace Allen will give a presentation on “Simulation Toolchain Validation” as part of the ADS Simulation and Testing Part 2: “Approaches for Validation and Collaboration” breakout session taking place on July 14, 2021, from 7-10 a.m. CDT.  

Jace is serving on the “Simulation Validation and Representativeness” panel. This group will give a series of short presentations during a 40-minute span, including discussions on approaches to simulation verification, the use of simulation for validation and accreditation, and how scenario libraries can be representative, and how they support performance benchmarking. Other panelists serving in this session include Thatcham Research, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and USDOT CARMA.

About ARTS

ARTS is unique among conferences about transportation automation. 

It is produced by a group of ~200 TRB volunteers, experts in their field, who dedicate themselves to creating balanced agendas that help to inform attendees about ongoing research, business developments, public agency investments and operations, and policy formation.   Every year, the ARTS program comprises a timely mix of influential plenary speakers and breakout sessions to provide local, national, and international perspectives on AV policy and practice.  This year’s agenda addresses safety assurance, business developments, roadway operations, human factors, public acceptance, trucking, transit, legislative and regulatory affairs, and more. 

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