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APEC 2019

March 17-21, 2019, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

See High-Voltage Electronic Load Demo at dSPACE Booth

Stop by dSPACE Booth No. 1242 to see a high-voltage electronic load demo for testing electronic motor controllers, including power electronics with an emulated motor and precise real currents. The high-voltage electronic load makes it possible to emulate motors and batteries with voltages of up to 800 V. The electronic load can emulate arbitrary AC sources (e.g., two or three phases of 50 Hz) and up to 400 Hz or DC sources.

Typical applications include: automotive motor controllers, industrial servo controllers and DC/DC and AC/DC converters. Examples of test scenarios that are possible for these applications include: functional tests, load tests (burn-in, end-of-line, controlled fault conditions), tests of controller robustness (motor parameter variation) and tests of critical operation conditions.

About the Event

APEC is now considered to be the leading conference for practicing power electronics professionals. The APEC program addresses a broad range of topics in the use, design, manufacture and marketing of all kinds of power electronics equipment. APEC focuses on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. This is not just a designer’s conference; APEC has something of interest for anyone involved in power electronics:

  • Equipment OEMs that use power supplies and dc-dc converters in their equipment
  • Designers of power supplies, dc-dc converters, motor drives, uninterruptable power supplies, inverters and any other power electronic circuits, equipment and systems
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of components and assemblies used in power electronics
  • Manufacturing, quality and test engineers involved with power electronics equipment
  • Marketing, sales and anyone involved in the business of power electronics
  • Compliance engineers testing and qualifying power electronics equipment or equipment that uses power electronics

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