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Product Demos – Naperville Tech Day:

Be sure to check out the latest dSPACE solutions for autonomous driving applications at the Naperville Tech Day. The following dSPACE products will be on display in the exhibit area:

dSPACE SCALEXIO with Environment Sensor Interface (ESI) Unit

RTMaps with MicroAutoBox Embedded Sensor Processing Unit (SPU)

With RTMaps, you can synchronize and process real-time data streams from multisensory applications. RTMaps provides unique features that allow faster development of functions for automated driving on embedded platforms.  This demo will also feature the MicroAutoBox Embedded Sensor Processing Unit (SPU), which is designed to process and merge data from the vehicle network and various sensors, such as cameras, lidars, radars and GNSS receivers. The MicroAutoBox SPU primarily calculates perception and sensor fusion algorithms and connects, for example, to HMIs. (This unit can also be used as a stand-alone system or as an extension to the dSPACE MicroAutoBox II prototyping unit.)

dSPACE SensorSim with VEOS

With dSPACE SensorSim Technology, raw sensor data from cameras, radar and LiDAR can be injected and simulated synchronously into a dSPACE SIL or HIL set up to test sensor ECUs.  When used in combination with the dSPACE VEOS PC-based simulation platform, it is possible to validate the software of electronic control units in the early development stage. With the thousands of test drives that are required to validate highly automated driving functions, VEOS offers an easy way to accomplish these tests in an automated virtual setting.

dSPACE Sensor Realistic Simulation (SRS)

To improve and complement existing sensor simulation products, dSPACE is bringing a next generation Sensor Realistic Simulation (SRS) product to the market. SRS addresses requirements for the training of neural networks and enhanced realism for camera models. It establishes technology to achieve highly-realistic visualization for things such as environmental terrain, lighting, haze, flare and glare effects. SRS has the capability to simulate all sensor technologies like camera, radar and LiDAR.

  • ADAS/AD function validation
  • Efficient sensor simulation
  • Physics-based simulation for sensor realism
  • Camera, Radar, LiDAR
  • Standard and customized interfaces

More Options for In-Vehicle Experiments: SCALEXIO AutoBox and SCALEXIO LabBox

With the brand new dSPACE SCALEXIO AutoBox, you can perform in-vehicle experiments in harsh conditions. This shock and vibration resistant chassis is designed for in-vehicle use. It can operate over an extended temperature range (0°C ... 55°C / 32°F ... 131°F), and features an integrated DC power supply that can accommodate 12V, 24V, and 48V power levels, including cranking conditions (6V).

The SCALEXIO LabBox is a compact, real-time system for function development and testing that was designed for use at a developer’s desk or mounted on a rack, making it ideal for the laboratory. It offers space to accommodate between 7 and 18 SCALEXIO I/O boards, and is built with SCALEXIO technology making it suitable for the development of assisted, highly automated and autonomous driving applications.