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Workshop 1: Sensor Fusion with RTMaps on an Embedded Platform

This workshop will demonstrate the ease of capturing and fusing multiple sensor data streams (LIDAR, RADAR, and camera) into an RTMaps diagram. The RTMaps diagram will execute on an embedded platform (NXP BlueBox) utilizing the latest RTMaps Embedded version of RTMaps. Data record/playback capabilities and basic data processing will also be demonstrated.

Workshop 2: ADAS HIL Testing & Mechanical Test Bench Integration – Synergy for Enhanced ECU Quality Assurance of Sensor Fusion and Actuator Testing

This workshop will explore how you can enhance your testing capabilities and quality assurance using a completely integrated test environment that combines HIL simulation and test benches to interface with steering systems and also how to interface or simulate sensor technology, such as cameras, radar, and other ADAS/AV sensors, in real-time.

Workshop 3: ASM for Smart Traffic Simulation

In this workshop, participants will learn how they can efficiently develop and validate driver assistance systems in virtual environments. Participants will learn how to create and simulate traffic scenarios, how to use various senor models, how to import road networks and test with random traffic, etc.

Workshop 4: Cluster Simulation with Integrated Workflow and Test Management

With the increase in demand for building Autonomous Vehicle Technology, there is a tremendous growth in the way the data is captured and analyzed to validate as many real world test scenarios as possible. To achieve this in a short period of time, a simulation – based on a cluster of PC’s – is the direction to go. This workshop focuses on how a cluster-based simulation can be achieved using our dSPACE VEOS virtual engine and how you can simultaneously manage the data that is generated from testing using the dSPACE SYNECT test management product.