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Keynote Address

Megatrends and their Impact on the Future of Mobility

Lisa Whalen
Global Vice President
Automotive & Transportation
Markets and Markets

How Donuts Could Save Your Life: Learning from the Extremes of Automation

Paul Liu
Director, Automotive Architecture

Automating the driving function of vehicles holds the potential to transform the way people and things move through increasing safety, reducing cost and improving efficiency. Renovo is developing a data orchestration middleware for automated mobility on demand services that will realize these benefits. Motorsport has historically been a laboratory for vehicle performance experimentation and development. Pushing vehicle automation technology to extremes is the emerging equivalent to motorsport’s legacy of stress-tested components, just with algorithms and control strategies. Paul Liu, Director of Automotive Architecture at Renovo, will talk about the importance of using these extreme environments as a development lab. Renovo has been working with Stanford University on the Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control (MARTY) program since 2014. MARTY is a self-drifting de Lorean that utilizes a dSPACE MABX for vehicle controls, an INU, and a robust middleware, telemetry service and electric powertrain provided by Renovo. He will share lessons from building and operating MARTY as a rolling research lab including control in unstable regimes, hardening APIs and data management.

MARTY is just one example of how pushing the limits of vehicle automation technology can be an important part of helping develop safe and reliable systems for use on the road. Donuts are just the beginning. Engineers from companies like Renovo will continue to risk losing their lunches in extreme automation scenarios to usher in the era of highly automated vehicles.

Andre Rolfsmeier
Lead Product Manager
Advanced Applications & Technologies

Autonomous Vehicles - Transforming Vehicle Development

Andre Rolfsmeier
Lead Product Manager
Advanced Applications & Technologies

This presentation will address the transformation of the automotive industry, with a special focus on moving from ADAS to fully automated technology. We will look at how the industry is addressing key technological challenges and how existing vehicle platforms are being adapted. An overview of the dSPACE Roadmap from ADAS to Autonomous Vehicle Development will be covered, and we will take a peek into future ... what does dSPACE foresee?


Practical Considerations on Using RTMaps for ADAS Feature Development

Modar Horani
Managing Principal – Systems Engineering
P3 North America Inc.

Design, Modeling and Real-Time Control of Advanced Exercise Machines

Hanz Richter, PhD
Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering Department
Cleveland State University

New DNA for Modular RCP Systems

Frank Mertens
Product Management – Rapid Prototyping Systems

New dSPACE Product Unveiling – This presentation will introduce a new generation of modular rapid control prototyping (RCP) systems.

Powertrain and Chassis Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation of Ford’s Autonomous Vehicle Platform​

Adit Joshi
Research Engineer – Automated Driving HIL Simulation
Research and Advanced Engineering: Powertrain Controls
Ford Motor Company

Real-time Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation for Drivability Development

Yun Liu
Product Development Engineer
Powertrain Controls, Calibration and NVH
Ford Motor Company

The Model Integration and HIL Simulation Design for the Analysis of a Power-Split HEV with Electrochemical Battery Model

Ming Cheng
Systems Engineer - Electrified Powertrain
Ford Motor Company

dSPACE Embedded Software and XIL Testing for Modeling and Controls Development

Gregory Jankord (left)
EcoCAR 3 Controls System Lead Engineer
M.E. PhD Student
The Ohio State University

Wilson Perez (right)
EcoCAR 3 System Modeling and Simulation Lead Engineer
M.E. Master’s Student
The Ohio State University

Diesel Engine Software Verification Using GT-POWER RT Model and dSPACE

Karthikeyan Venkatesan
Powertrain SME - Powertrain, Auto & Allied Engineering SBU

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives Systems

Matthias Deter
Group Manager Engineering – E-Drive HIL

To cope with the complexity introduced by modern control electronics, hardware in the loop simulation (HIL) has become indispensable. The presentation gives an overview on the wide range of tools and solutions, focused on E-Mobility applications.

Advances in dSPACE ASM for Developing & Testing Highly Automated Driving

Michael Peperhowe
Group Manger
Modeling Vehicle Dynamics

Presentation 1: Autonomous Automation – How Do We Get to a Million Miles of Testing?

Presentation 2: Highly Dynamic Test Benches for Electric Applications 

Jace Allen
Business Development Manager

Nicolas Du Lac

RTMaps Embedded: Facilitating Development and Testing of Complex HAD Software on Modern ADAS Platforms

Nicolas du Lac

Newest Advances and Extended Capabilities for SCALEXIO Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Technology

Tino Schulze
Lead Product Manager
Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Systems

This presentation will provide an overview on customer applications and the latest technology updates for dSPACE HIL systems.  Highlights will include how to get the best out of your HIL systems, and what industry challenges and HIL technology trends dSPACE foresees.

Prototyping the Autonomous Future: You Can Do It, We Got Your Back!

Joe Cassar
Engineering Group Manager

dSPACE prototyping systems are the platform of choice for developing the next generation of products across the industries. It is no different for autonomous system development. We have it all. We have a variety of hardware and software solutions to meet every need. You challenge yourself every day to a new adventure. dSPACE is there to support. You ask for it, and we will deliver. Let’s explore!