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IMPORTANT: Notice of Event – dSPACE North American Conference

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This event has been replaced with the dSPACE Digital Global Conference taking place Jan. 27-28, 2021 (a 2-day virtual event focused on ADAS, AD and e-Mobility topics). More information coming soon. If you registered for the dSPACE North American Conference, your registration will automatically be carried over so there is no need to re-register. An email will be sent soon to people who previously registered providing more details.

Accelerate to Win!

From conception to end-of-the-line testing, the road to autonomy and electrification can quickly escalate into an uphill struggle if your engineering team doesn’t have effective and efficient development and testing methods in place.  Can you check off the following development tasks with confidence?

  • Are you simulating the environment (i.e. vehicles, road networks, dynamic objects, weather conditions, traffic flow, etc.) to take advantage of virtual test drives in the early development phase?
  • Are you effectively developing and testing sensor data for your autonomous systems?
  • Are you capturing, time-stamping, recording and playing back sensor data with precision?
  • Are you positioned to carry out AI training for deep neural networks?
  • Are you building a continuous integration process with MIL, SIL, and HIL testing to benefit from the scalability of cluster and cloud testing?
  • Are you using sensor-realistic simulation to validate sensor models by reproducing the behavior of the sensor along the signal path?
  • Are you performing over-the-air tests of radar sensors properly to evaluate detected echoes?
  • Are you complying with safety-critical software development process standards (i.e. ISO 26262, SOTIF)?

Companies are heavily vested in autonomous mobility and electrification. Setbacks are counter-productive and costly. If you are looking to accelerate your development and testing methods, save your seat for the dSPACE North American Conference taking place Nov. 10-11, 2020, at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, Michigan.

This event is free of charge, but registration is required.

About the Event

The dSPACE North American Conference is a comprehensive, two-day event geared for embedded system and software development R & D and technology deployment executives, engineering team leaders, managers, and engineers who are seeking to:

  • Learn about how to optimize time and efforts in the development process
  • Become and stay compliant with standards and industry-best practices for developing safety-critical systems
  • Network and discuss day-to-day experiences and challenges with your peers across the industries
  • Meet with dSPACE product managers to know what’s coming up on the horizon
  • Consult with dSPACE product managers and technical experts to gain any insights, guidance or help

For 2020, the conference will focus on the development and testing of embedded software for autonomous driving, ADAS and e-Mobility applications.

A number of new and exciting dSPACE product offerings for embedded software development will be unveiled that will change the future landscape of dSPACE offerings and technologies.

dSPACE experts will lead technical discussions focused on new technologies and solutions to advance your development activities forward.

This event provides multiple opportunities for attendees to actively engage in discussions through open Q&A sessions and peer-to-peer networking.


Four technical workshops will be presented over the two-day conference on the following topics:

  • Data-driven development
  • Autonomous Systems Validation and Testing
  • Evolving Powertrain & Vehicle Systems
  • Early Software Validation (Software-in-the-Loop): Techniques and Standards

These sessions are designed to help attendees gain new perspectives and enhance their technical skills in a more focused atmosphere.

Attendees from past dSPACE events have consistently rated our workshops as highly worthwhile.

Exhibits and Vehicle Displays

In the exhibit hall, the latest tools and technology solutions from dSPACE and our Technology Partners will be on display. Here, you can see how dSPACE supports the development and testing of embedded software for autonomous systems, electrification, etc., across the various development stages.

Save Your Seat!

Since the formation of dSPACE in 1988, our philosophy has been to accelerate our customers’ success. As leaders in technology, our goal is to work as closely as possible with you to ensure that your project succeeds.

It is our pleasure to organize events, such as this conference, to keep you informed of the latest technological advancements and solutions, and to support your complex projects through every stage of development.

Together, We Can Accelerate to Win!

We hope you will join us at the dSPACE North American Conference. Please take a moment to save your seat by registering now.