The dSPACE Partner Program and other Cooperations

dSPACE initiated the dSPACE Partner Program in order to create a network of partners who provide complementary, commercially available products that support customers in building a reliable, high-quality tool chain around dSPACE products. To maintain highest standards, dSPACE discusses the membership in its partner program on an invitation-only basis.

There are two types of dSPACE partners:

  • A dSPACE Product Partner is a company or organization that develops and promotes a partner product that complements or expands the functionalities of a dSPACE product.

  • A dSPACE Strategic Partner is a company or organization that develops and promotes a partner product that offers a special added value for dSPACE products. This also includes tool support beyond the conventional support of comparable tools. A strategic partnership requires a high level of commitment in engineering, tool support, and marketing. 

Additional Cooperation Models

In addition to the dSPACE partner program, dSPACE continues to cooperate with other companies or organizations in the following roles:

  • A technical cooperation partner to ensure the compatibility with dSPACE products for a comprehensive set of complementary products that customers use in combination with dSPACE products.
  • A member in other partner programs to ensure compatibility with complementary products that support dSPACE products on the basis of a close cooperation with other market leaders.
  • A dedicated member of research and standardization projects for achieving the described compatibility and stability goals, so customers can benefit from them.

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