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Intempora S.A.

Intempora is dSPACE Strategic Partner for developing and testing multisensor driver assistance systems.

Intempora was founded in 2001 on the basis of research performed at the Center of Robotics of École des Mines de Paris (now Mines ParisTech). Since then, the company’s team of software engineers has been working on the development of RTMaps and related products.

RTMaps is a component-based software development and run-time environment for PCs and embedded ARM platforms. It is highly optimized for CPU efficiency with multicore and distributed systems. RTMaps enables users to time-stamp, record, synchronize and play back data from various sensors and vehicle buses. By means of block diagrams and the integration of the users’ own C++, Simulink or Python code, it provides a powerful environment for prototyping, testing and benchmarking algorithms, such as algorithms for signal processing, computer vision and data fusion, in the context of multisensor applications.

RTMaps is tightly integrated into the dSPACE tool chain for rapid prototyping, software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Complementary Products of the Partner Program Brief Description Related dSPACE Product
RTMaps Development and test environment for multisensor applications MicroAutoBox, Embedded PC, Embedded SPU, VEOS, SCALEXIO, ControlDesk, RTMaps Interface Blockset